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1. Installation

1.0 Installation

To install Fuellox simply visit the App store and serach for Fuellox. You can install the Fuellox app for Android and Apple phones and some tablets.

If your phone is older than 1-2 years, you may need to verify your phone supports our level of Bluetooth, BLE or BT4.0.

1.1 Apple

On Apple you must have iPhone 5s and above, however we recommend iPhone 6.0 as a minimum.

1.2 Android

On Android, install the App "Easy BLE Checker". Check it out on the Android Store

1.3 Windows & Alternative OS

Really? Sorry - Windows and Other OS Phones are note supported...

1.4 Updates

From time to time we may release an update to the Fuellox App. Please be sure to cehck periodically that you have the latest version.

Notes on Tablets

Some people like to use a tablet. Fuellox will work on many tablets, however the Fuellox User Interface it optimised form smart phones and works best on a smart phone.

Additonally many tablets require the use of two hands, which makes it hard to hold a fuel nozzle.

Using a smart phone means the phone can easilly be placed into a pocket if needed.