Subscription ManagementLink


Dependant on what plan is purchased, the usage of the Fuellox mobile application is limited to an allotted subscription amount. More subscriptions can be purchased via the Fuellox Team. Alternatively if the maximum amount of Fuellox subscriptions has been reached, the system administrator can go delete any subscribers that are not currently employed or no longer have usage of the Fuellox System. This will allow another user to take the now vacant subscription.

For subscription management, locate the "Users" application within the header toolbar.


The first option within this feature allows the system administrator to review the current subscription list. From this web page it is possible to revoke a subscription.

Revoke a SubscriptionLink

To revoke a subscription, locate the details button on the far right hand side of the subscription web page.

User details

This will redirect into a more detailed report of the subscription holder. From this page, the administrator is able to revoke the specified subscription through the "Revoke Button" at the bottom of the page.

Revoke Subscription

This will then clear the users information from the subscription data base and then create an availability for another subscription.

Assign a SubscriptionLink

There is no process required to add a subscription as it is automatically done through the Fuellox Ecosystem. When a user logs into the Fuellox App, the login details will automatically populate the next available subscription. THis will however save the users login detail AS a subscriber, even if it is only a one time login. Via the subscription list, the administrator can see the available subscription by the blank lines as seen below:

available Subscription


Subscriptions & Users

Each Fuellox subscriptions comes with a specific number of subscriptions. The subscriptions are like keys. i.e. one user has a key, another user cannot use the same key. If an operator uses the Fuellox app through a smart phone and a tablet it will count as two subscriptions. The Fuellox Team allocates a subscription as a user connects. On subsequent connections they use the same subscription. Once a subscription is revoked it goes back to the pool ready for another user. For any assistance with subscriptions, contact the Fuellox Team by completing an online Ticket or contact 1300 557 356

App UserLink

Where the subscription web page shows the administrator the current app subscribers and users, the App user function shows the past and the present subscription users of the Fuellox system. This is the main data bank where the past subscribers have been archived and the present monitored. This is so in the future, the fuel usage data is stored against a name for auditing and quality purposes. This feature also allows the system administrator to invite users. The invited user can only access the Fuellox System IF there is an available subscription.

Invite a App UserLink

To invite an app user, locate the app user webpage under the heading "Users". This will redirect to the App user web page. Within the web page on the top left hand side there is a button called "Add App User"

Add App User

Once this function is activated it will ask for the new app users information. Fuellox recommends filling out all the fields although it is not mandatory. Once the relevant data has been entered, the administrator has the option to send the new user a invitation SMS. This function is located just below the Submit button.

App User Information

App User SMS

If this function is enabled it will provide the new user with the information to install the app and login.