Adding DataLink

All the information and data that may be required by the Fullox system can be added through the " Add Data" button within the header toolbar. This feature will drop down multiple options to take the system administrator to the specific data stream relevant.

Add Data

Once the correct fork is selected (ie. Add project, Add site, Add machinery) the web browser will redirect the administrator to the correct data input page. Once he relevant data has been provided, the administrator can select the "submit" button at the bottom of the page. This will upload all the information required into the Fuellox Ecosystem under the relevant sections. Alternately, data can also be added under the specific sections. For more information on adding data, visit the Manage Equipment tab. If at any time, the information must be edited, locate the correct line of information under the relevant section and select the "Edit" button.


This is the most user efficient way to add data into the Fuellox Ecosystem. The Fuellox Team recommends the use of data input here for customers that are new and/or not familiar with the Web Portal. Also please remember, the Fuellox Team is here to help. For any questions, please fill out a support ticket or call 1300 557 356