1. Overview


Ensure that the login credentials are for the correct account to access full administration privileges. If logged in and administration privileges are not available, please consult firstly the company management then the Fuellox Team.

Once logged in successfully, the Fuellox portal will show with the range of applications within the task bar

Portal task bar

From this home page, all of the Fuellox web portal applications can be viewed and activated. The home page also provides help links to the online support portal and the user manuel for the Fuellox system.

Before progressing, please ensure that the correct plan requirements are in place. Plans can range from Fuellox Lite to Fuellox Fleet. Please review the current plan and determine if it is right for the company.

Fuellox Lite: Fuellox Fleet Fuellox Enterprise
Projects Optional Optional Optional
Client N/A Optional Optional
Site Yes Yes Yes
Fuellox Units One More than One More than Four

Please note that the plan that is currently in use might differ from the information provided within this document. For any questions please fill out a ticket for contact the Fuellox Team on 1300 557 356