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10 Fuellox Support

10.1 Support Desk

Create a Support Ticket.

10.2 Contact Us

Get in touch via:

  • EMAIL -
  • PHONE - 1300 557 356
  • ADDRESS - Please make an appointment before you visit, and we love food!

If you like what we do

There are many ways to show us you care:

  • Buy more Fuellox stuff
  • Write a post on Facebook and don't forget #FUELLOX
  • Tweet us and your friends
  • Tag a cool picture on INSTAGRAM @FUELLOX
  • Record a video review and post it and send it to us
  • Grab a free T-Shirt and wear it somewhere cool - we'll need photos. Just ask us!

If you don't like what we do

  • Just tweet @TheRealDonaldTrump and he will take care of it for you, that guy loves crappy tweets.